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Uproot Congress-BJP from MP: Kejriwal in Rewa

These two parties in Delhi had the understanding of looting people by taking their turns.

Kejriwal said – uproot Congress-BJP from MP: These two parties in Delhi had the setting of ‘once you loot, once we loot’.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal targeted the Congress associated with the I.N.D.I.A alliance in Rewa. He said, ‘Before AAP came, there were two parties in Delhi. Both had good settings. Once you rule, once we rule. Once you loot, once we loot.’

He said, ‘There are two parties in Madhya Pradesh also. Uproot them once and throw them away. I promise you will forget both parties. AAP is also part of I.N.D.I.A.

Along with Kejriwal, Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has also come to Rewa. Both have attended the party’s mega rally at SAF Ground here. AAP has already announced to field candidates on all 230 seats of Madhya Pradesh. Party’s Rani Agarwal is the mayor from Singrauli.

Earlier, Kejriwal and Mann had come to attend the general meeting organized in Satna district on August 20. Also reached Bhopal on 14 March 2023.

He said that they will make arrangements to provide 24 hours electricity within 1 year. 24 hours free electricity will be provided to the village. All electricity bills till 31st October will be reduced to 0.

All government schools will be made excellent in 5 years. Contract teachers will be confirmed. Private schools will not be allowed to increase fees unfairly.

‘Mohalla Clinic’ will be opened at every corner. In these, doctors, treatment and tests will be free. The government will bear all the expenses incurred in the treatment.

The corrupt will be caught and put in jail. There will be no need to visit brokers or pay bribes.

You will get a government job without recommendation or bribe. Until employment is arranged, every unemployed person will be given a monthly allowance of Rs 3,000.

Will take the elderly on pilgrimage. Will send by AC train, will make you stay in AC hotel. Coming and going, eating and drinking will all be free. Will send wherever the elders say.

Martyr Samman Nidhi which is given to a martyred soldier or police employee , his family will be given an honorarium of Rs 1 crore.

Will work to confirm all the contractual employees. The contract system will be stopped.

PESA law will be implemented for tribals. Gram Sabhas will be given all powers.

Farmers will be given maximum compensation in case of crop loss. Will provide full price for the crop.

‘On one side the soldiers were martyred, on the other side they were celebrating. They became the heirs of the country. The country belongs to their father. It is said that they will change the name of the country. Indian Army, IPL, SBI, RBI, Skill India, Khelo India… how much will you change. Instead of changing so many, change one person, change Modi.

‘These people looted the country and ate it. Our childhood, old age and youth were eaten away. They accumulated so much money that their next six generations also got Rs 500. If you make morsels of rupee notes and eat them, you will not be exhausted.

‘It has been 18 months since the Punjab government. I bet you just look at the 18 months of Aam Aadmi Party government and 18 years of Shivraj Singh Chouhan together… Gave appointment letters for 36 thousand government jobs. I have come before you by reducing the electricity bills of 90% of the houses to 0. Confirmed 28 thousand employees. Gave permanent job to 12710 teachers. Investment of Rs 50 thousand crore came in one and a half year. This will provide employment to 2 lakh 86 thousand people.

‘We work, not make statements like them. Their factory of catchphrases is running in full swing. Lies on everything. I had said this in Parliament, PM Modi was sitting in front. I had said – When I write the amount of Rs 15 lakh, the pen stops. The ink dries up when I think about black money. Everything turned out to be just a joke, now I even doubt whether I know how to make tea.

AAP mayor said, uncle is filling his own treasury and that of his MLAs.

AAP mayor Rani Aggarwal from Singrauli said, ‘Mama is filling his own treasury and that of his MLAs. They are looting the public’s earnings. Mama ji neither provided good schools nor hospitals in 18 years. The public appears to them for elections. They know that their government is going to fall. Rani Agarwal is the only mayor of AAP in Madhya Pradesh.

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