Chanderi has been a renowned town of Madhya Pradesh since the 11th century. Several movements and activities accorded it a significant place in the historical map of India. No surprise, the place has various impressive historical monuments.

Bordering with Malwa and Bundelkhand, Chanderi was once a major connecting link of trade routes of Central India. It was suitably located in the vicinity of the ancient ports of Gujarat as well as to Malwa, Mewar, Central India and the Deccan. As a consequence it became a centre of military activities and witnessed rivalries among men who shaped the destiny of the country.

Chanderi has a number of tourist attractions. The majestic fort built during the Mughal era atop a high hill has an imposing gateway known as Khooni Darwaza. The other structure is Koshak Mahal. Historians believe that the Koshak Mahal was ordered to be built by Mahmud Khilji of Malwa when he passed through Chanderi in 1445 AD. The original plan of the Khilji ruler was to build a seven-storey palace though only two could be completed during his life time. The Mahal is divided into four equal parts and has architecture resembles that of Mandu.
Badal Mahal Gate is the gate without a Mahal, which was constructed as a mark of victory. One more grand monument is Jama Masjid, having intriguing domes and colonnades. This is possibly the biggest mosque of the erstwhile Madhya Bharat State. Shahzadi ka Rouza is the structure built in the honor of an unknown princess. Outer side of its marvel has intriguing arches and geometrical designs.

The town has historic water bodies, too – Parameshwar Tal and Battisi Bhavdi. Bundela Rajput Kings built the former while former, it was built by Sultan Ghiyasuddin Shah in 1485
The old Chanderi city has several Jain temples which attract Jain pilgrims from far and wide. The village of Thruvanji is home to a number of Jain temples.

The nearest airport from Chanderi is in Gwalior. The nearest railway station in Gwalior is on Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Chennai lines. Besides, Chanderi has a good network of roads connecting it to major cities in Madhya Pradesh.

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