Development in Bhopal

Once a sleepy little hamlet lost in a time warp, Bhopal was jerked out of slumber to find itself in the midst of international attention owing to one of the worst industrial disasters in the world.

The unfortunate incident left the city shaken and the following years saw Bhopal struggle to emerge from the shadows of the holocaust.

Bhopal today is a synthesis of the old and the new; its bustling bazaars in the old city area are a stark yet symbiotic contrast to the modern industrial centers of Mandideep and Govindpura.

Development has touched every aspect of life in the city, from potable water and sewage systems to roads and the vehicles that ply on them. Backed by robust government policies, investments in education and medical facilities have started to pay rich dividends as Bhopal has started to emerge as one of the fastest growing state capitals in the country.

Bhopal’s near equidistant location from all the major metros in the country has contributed towards the city’s emergence as an ideal center for establishing strategically located logistical hubs.

The city’s corporate residents include the public sector Navratna BHEL, Proctor & Gamble, Crompton & Greaves, Hindustan Electro-Graphites, Optel, Vardhman Spinning Mills, Godrej, IFB, Fujistu, Eicher, Bhaskar, Pepsi, Coca-cola, ITC, Albert David and the Bhilwara group to name a few.

The city over the years has grown to acquire dimensions of a mini metropolis, attracting investors from all industrial backgrounds.

Once known as a retirement paradise the city today, draws young professionals looking to adopt, an environmentally sound, peaceful settlement, as home for themselves and their families.

With an international airport in the offing and many MNCs planning strategic presence, this ancient city is definitely emerging as a global destination of the new millennium.

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