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Madhya Pradesh Housing Board creates houses and housing sites for the people, along with related facilities such as office complexes and commercial areas and other provision for health, education and cultural amenities.

The Board carries out these activities through development and construction of govt housing and re-densification projects, infrastructure development, joint venture projects, rehabilitation projects for earthquake victims, bot based projects EG Seoni bye-pass road, centre for eco-friendly building materials and innovative technology, deposit works from the state and central govt. departments and undertakings, office and public utility complexes, hospital/ hotel/ public co-operative and so on.

Housing Board has of late endeavoured in the field of leisure, sports and entertainment keeping in mind people’s interest in these areas.

Recently the board has refurbished the Arjun Swimming Pool and Health Club at Bhopal. The board is also trying to set up a Squash Court of international standards and a modern Gymnasium and Aerobic Hall in the Arjun Swimming Pool Campus.

Current projects in Bhopal: currently, the board is undertaking Hill Crest Bungalows at Lake View Colony Koh-E-Fiza, Bhopal. These bungalows have an attractive and aesthetical elevation viewing the Upper lake and hills.
The details of the scheme are as follows:

Type of Bungalows

Size of Plot

Super built-up area (Approx.)

Number of Bungalows

Approx. cost of one Bungalow

“A” Type

9.70 x 15.00 m.

160.00 Sqm


12.10 lacs

“B” Type

7.50 x 18.00 m.

156.00 Sqm.


11.65 lacs

“C” Type

7.50 x 15.00 m.

140.00 Sqm.


10.15 lacs

“D” Type

7.50 x 14.00 m.

131.00 Sqm.


9.60 lacs

At present out of 22 houses, 14 houses are already registered, the houses yet to be registered are as follows:

1. ‘C’ Type – 4 Nos.
2. ‘D’ Type – 4 Nos.

Proposed Projects: Following projects have been proposed:

Sahyadri Enclave Bhopal

In the centre of the city near Rang Mahal Square Sahyadri Enclave Project has been taken under redensification Scheme. The project is spread over 5 acres of land. As many as 319 houses of different categories are in progress. The cost of the project is Rs.12.00 crores. About 290 houses have already been booked.

Gomantika Complex Bhopal

This is the most modern and unique Residential-cum-Commercial Complex under Re-densification schemes at North T.T. Nagar, Bhopal. The project cost is 571.00 lakhs. The project has various sized shops, office halls and residential apartments of HIG and MIG category under construction as detailed below. The special attraction of this exclusive campus is dedicated car parking and lift facility.

Category Super built up area. No. of unit under construction. Cost (Approx)
1.    Shops 19.84 Sqm.(Av.) 15    GF By sealed offer.
2.    Office Hall 146.00 Sqm. 6     FF=3/SF=3 By sealed offer.
3.    SR.HIG 123.00 sQM. 16    4 in each floor 9.75 lacs(AV.)
4.    JR.HIG 103.00 Sqm. 16    4 in each floor 8.00 lacs(AV.)
5.    SR.MIG 91.00 Sqm. 16    4 in each floor 7.20 lacs(AV.)
6.    JR.MIG 71.00 Sqm. 16    4 in each floor 5.50 lacs(AV.)

All category accommodations are available for registration. 38 flats have already been booked.

Independent Houses:

Mahishmati Scheme at Bagh Muglia, Bhopal

In the 1st phase in the East Block of the Mahishmati 21 Senior HIG and 7 HIG will be taken up with higher specification. The cost of the project is Rs. 3.50 Crores.

Abhiruchi Scheme at Subhash Nagar, Bhopal

In the heart of the city near Raisen Road the scheme of 122 HIG Houses in 1st phase of different types is being taken up very soon. The cost of the project is Rs 11.00 Crores. In the second phase 130 HIG Houses of different types are proposed to be taken up. The cost of the project is about 12.00 crores.

Sunheri Bagh Housing Project Bhopal (Government Housing Project)

The project is taken up under the re-densification Scheme. The project is situated in South TT Nagar Bhopal. 108 ‘G’ type, and 112 ‘I’ type flats are taken up amounting to Rs.478 lacs. 108’ G” type and 9 ‘I’ type flats have been handed over to the Government.

Satellite Townships, Bhopal (Narela Shankari, Ayodhya)

This is an ambitious project of the board meant to create a satellite township towards the north-east of Bhopal beyond BHEL. It is located at 5 Km from BHEL Corporate Office.

The Ayodhya scheme envisages 7350 houses/flats/plots along with complete infrastructure such as shopping, schools and utilities.

The scheme will cover 200 hectares of land and the total project cost is Rs.105 crores. So far the construction of 2,500 houses of different categories has been taken up at a cost of Rs.52 crores.

Name of Scheme

Houses Available

Area in Sq.ft.

Cost in Lacs

Soumitra Homes
Four Bed Room, Drawing Hall, Family Hall, Kitchen, Veranda, Three Toilet, Open Terrace, Balcony, Porch





Saryu Enclave
Three Bedroom, Living Room, Drawing Hall, Family Hall, Kitchen, Veranda, Three Toilet, Open Terrace, Balcony, Porch





45 Terrace Housing  “A” Type (HIG)
Four Bedroom, Drawing Hall, Kitchen, Veranda, Three Toilet, Porch, Open Terrace





19 Terrace Housing  “B” Type (HIG) Three Bedroom, Drawing Hall, family hall, Kitchen, Veranda, Two Toilet, Porch, Open Terrace, Balcony, Lounge





50 HIG Deluxe
Three Bedroom, Drawing hall, Family Hall, Kitchen, Veranda, Three Toilet, Open Terrace, Provision to construct two extra room in future.





60 Senior HIG Deluxe
Three Bedroom, Drawing Hall, Family Hall, Kitchen, Veranda, Porch, Two Toilet, Open Terrace, Provision to construct two extra rooms in future.





20 Junior HIG
Two Bedroom, Drawing Hall, Kitchen, Veranda, Porch, Two Toilet, Open Terrace, Provision to construct Three extra rooms in future.





Role of MP Housing Board in Development of Bhopal

No. of Constructed Colony


Colony Transferred to BMC


Houses Constructed under Valmiki Ambedkar Awasiye Malin Basti Yojana

In Last Three Years (2004 – 2007) No of Constructed Houses














Under Construction Plans (Houses – 896, Total Cost – 167.60 Crore)







Jhuggi Vivasta
( Plots/ houses were allotted after systematization of Sanjay Nagar – 250, Lal Tanki, Arjun Nagar, Dhanwantari Nagar – 1050)

Contribution in the Area of Entertainment
Construction of swimming pool and club in platinum park
Construction of jogging track in Bagh Mughalia extension

Pending Housing Yojana(Houses – 5583, Total Cost 141.00 Crore)

EWS 5000
LIG 26
MIG 219
HIG 338

Complete Commercial Plans(Total Cost Rs 50 Crore)

Commercial Complex

Area of Construction


Saarnath 1224.27 37 Shop & 3 Office
Platinium Park 3729.08 92  Shop & 42 Office
Center Point 7317.28 27 Shop, 4 Departmental Store & 5 Office hall
Metro Plaza 3096.93 84 Shop, 6 Departmental Store & 84 Office hall

Under Construction Plans( Total Cost Rs 10 crore )

Commercial Complex Area of Construction Particulars
Stay Light Plaza Ayodha nagar 5000 96 Shop & 12 Office hall
GTB Complex 1263 32 Shop & 1 Cafeteria

Development of Stay Light Township

Name Area (In Acre) No. of propose Houses & Land Constructed houses & Land
Bagh Mugaliya 205 5000 5000
Ayodhya Nagar 515 12000 4000

Name of Department Particulars of Construction Approx. Cost
Dept of Scheduled Caste Residential complex, Katara Hills Rs 5.00 Cr
Dept of Education Additional construction in College of Excellence, Kolar Road Rs 2.00 Cr
Avas Rahat Grihnirman Samiti Development work on 10 acre of land Rs 3.00 Cr

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