T & CP (Town and Country Planning)

Following documents are required for development permission from department of Town and Country Planning:
Article 17 Form
Khasra Aks Notarized
P 2 Form Notarized
Copy of Registry Notarized
Land Use Certificate Notarized
Non-judicial Affidavit on Stamps of Rs 10
Development License Fee Rs 500 per Hectare (1 Hectare = 2.47 acre)
Survey Map Covering 200 m around the Land
Map of Land, Two Copies

Seeking Khasra (Land Survey) Copies – Tehseel

Authentic Khasra copies for the last five years may be obtained from the office of the district collector.

Applications need to clearly mention the Khasra number and quote reasons for obtaining the copies. Such applications are to be submitted with a nominal fee of Rs 20 only.
Khasra copies of government land may be obtained from the local Samadhan Kendras at the office of the District Collector.

An application for Khasra of Government land is to be submitted along with an affidavit.
The offices provide same day services the Khasra copy applications received before 1 pm are delivered on the same day in the evening.

For Khasra copies older than five years the application needs to be submitted to the record room of the revenue department along with a nominal fee paid against a challan.
Seeking a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the NUZUL Office

The Nuzul office issues no objection certificates clarifying the ownership of the land (Government/Private).
To obtain the NOC the following documents are to be submitted alongwith a legible application.

Registration Papers of the property for which the NOC is sought.
Application forms are to be submitted with a fee of Rs 5/-

Affidavit clearly stating that the land is not the matter of contention in a court of law or otherwise.
Three Maps of the House or Land.

A duly filled Talwana form with revenue stamps worth Rs 3/-

Transferring Changing Title of The Property in Records – Tehseel

Following document are required with a duly filled application

Registration documents of the property.

Copy of the Khasra (survey)
Application form with a fee of Rs 5/-

A Talwana form with revenue stamps worth Rs 3/-

Copy of Revenue Records (Bahi) in case of agricultural Land.
Pl Note: Change of title is of two kinds

For agricultural or rural land the Village Panchayat is empowered to execute the change in title in undisputed cases only.
In case of a disputed the change of title can only be executed by the revenue officer(tahsildar).
In Urban Areas both disputed and undisputed applications are executed upon by the Tahsildar.

Building Permissions – Bhopal Municipal Corporation

Any plans, maps for construction, reconstruction, within the precincts of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation need to be validated by a building permission issued by the Building Permission Department of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC). strongly recommends that the documentary permission be sought failing which you may be setting yourself up for strong legal and financial liabilities.

The Permission, under the MP Land Development Act of 1984 and the MP Municipal Act of 1956, may be obtained by submitting following documents to the drawing section of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation on any working day.

Duly filled application in the specified format
One (01) Tracing and Seven (07) Ammonia Prints of the Plan.
Attested copy of the Registry or other ownership documents for the land in question.
A sworn affidavit indemnifying the BMC.
A No Dues Certificate for Property Tax from the local Zone office.
A No Objection from the Nazul Department.
Development Permission from the Town & Country Planning Department.
A Certificate from an Accredited Architect certifying resistance of the structure against seismic activity.
Certificate of the Structural Design.
Clarifications on Water Harvesting or any other plans built into the structure.
All documents duly signed by the applicant.
No Objection Certificate from the Fire Department for Multi Story Buildings.
Building Tax
Development/ Renovation Tax
Service Tax/ Commercial Tax

The Application will be submitted after the abovementioned documents are authenticated and certified by an accredited architect.

According to the citizen’s charter the proc4ess of granting applications takes 30 Days.

License of Establishment (Gumashta) – Bhopal Municipal Corporation

A License of Establishment or Gumashta is mandatory for any person, organization or Company seeking to establish an office within the precincts of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC), failing which the Municipal Corporation reserves the right to initiate appropriate punitive action.

The document may be obtained from the third floor office of the BMC at the Annapoorna Complex on presentation of a duly filled application along with the following documents.

A duly filled application for the license of Establishment.

Ownership, Rent agreement documents pertaining to the property where the office is to be established.

An electricity bill for the premises and an Identity proof of the person seeking the license.

A nominal fee ranging between Rs. 100 – 250 depending on the number of employees the office plans to employ.

Note: Licenses are issued for duration of one year and shall be renewed on payment of a nominal renewal fee every year.

Ration Cards – Bhopal Municipal Corporation

Ration Cards, under the normal category, may be applied for or amended at any of the fourteen zonal offices of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation, the application forms for the document may be obtained free of cost at any of these offices.
Documents Required

Three Passport size photographs of the head of the family/unit.

Affidavit clearly stating the names of adult members of the family as mentioned in the voter list for the legislative assembly.

Birth or educational certificates of minor members of the family/unit, clearly stating the Date of Birth of the member.

Proof of residential address may include registration papers for the property, Property tax receipts or electricity or water cess bills made in the name of the applicant, valid driving license, passports, rent receipts or a certificate issued by a gazzetted officer.

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