Jabalpur, one of the most important cities of Madhya Pradesh, is located in the Mahakoshal region in the geographic center of India. The city is renowned for its Bhedaghat marble rocks and Dhuandhar waterfall.

Bhedaghat, a small village of Jabalpur district, is located on the banks of river Narmada and widely famous for its marble rocks towering in glittering grandeur. The marble rocks at Bhedaghat soar up to a hundred feet on either side of river Narmada. The serene loveliness of the scene is one of the cool, quiet sunlight gleaming on the marble-white pinnacles and casting dappled shadows on the pellucid waters.

Here and there, the white saccharine limestone is seamed by veins of dark green or black volcanic rock; a contrast which only enhances like a setting of jet, the purity of the surrounding marble. Jabalpur is also famous for eroded volcanic rock formations called as Balancing Rocks of Jabalpur.

Dhuandhar or the smoke casade waterfall is just 25 km from Jabalpur. The Narmada making its way through the Marble Rocks narrows down and then plunges in this waterfall. So great is the thrust that its roar can be heard from a far distance. The falls and the breaking of the volume of water at the crest offer an awesome vision of Nature’s power unleashed.

Chausatyogini (Sixty Four Lady Yogis) is yet another pictorial site. It is situated atop a hill rock and approached by a long flight of steps. The Chausat Yogini Temple provides a exceptionally handsome sight of the Narmada flowing through the jagged gorge of Marble Rocks in Bhedaghat. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this 10th century temple has exquisitely carved stone figures of deities belonging to the Kalchuri period. Local legend has it that this ancient temple is connected to the Gond Queen Durgavati’s palace through an underground passage.

The major Hotels in Jabalpur are Gulzar Towers, Hotel Arihant Palace, Hotel Kalchuri, Hotel Prestige Princess, Hotel Rishi Regency, Hotel Satya Ashoka, Shikhar Palace, The Samdariya, Vijan Palace ,Narmada Jacksons, Hotel Krishna, Hotel Roopali.
Jabalpur is well connected with almost every prominent city of the country as well as state, by air, rail and road. Air Deccan is providing regular services to Delhi-Bhopal-Jabalpur route and Kingfisher Airlines is also running daily services from Jabalpur to Indore and Mumbai also connecting Hydrabad and Nagpur via Indore. Indian Airlines runs four days a week service on Delhi-Gwalior-Jabalpur route. Jabalpur is well connected to Nagpur, Bhopal, Allahabad and Jaipur so you can travel easily by roads also. Jabalpur is the headquarter of west central railways and is well connected with mail and super-fast trains from Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Howrah, Patna, Lucknow, Chennai, Bangalore, Nagpur, Kota and Jaipur.

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