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Encounter between Hawkforce soldiers and Naxalites in Balaghat.

Naxalites opened fire during the search, after retaliating they ran towards the forest.

Encounter between Hawkforce soldiers and Naxalites: Naxalites opened fire during the search, after retaliating they ran towards the forest.

In Balaghat district, which has been struggling with Naxalite problem for decades, an exchange of fire took place between Hawk Force soldiers and Naxalites in the forest of Malkuan and Rashimeta of Devarbeli outpost on Sunday evening. In this, information has been received that 8 to 10 rounds were fired by Hawkforce.


Superintendent of Police Sameer Saurabh said that the Naxalites of Malajkhand Dalam opened fire on the Hawk Force team which was searching. There were about 10 to 12 Naxalites in this encounter. Who first fired to hurt the security forces, to which the Hawkforce responded. After this the Naxalites took advantage of the forest and ran away.

There is no information about any casualty from either side in this encounter. During the search conducted at the spot after the encounter, the Hawkforce team found Naxalite tent, multimeter, 12 watt battery, USB charger, battery clip and cooking utensils, tarpaulin and a large number of items of daily use. Police is on alert mode after the incident. Search has been intensified in the forest with additional security forces in the entire area.

In fact, Naxalite pamphlets and banners were being found in the district for some time. But due to the vigilance of police and security forces, Naxalites are not able to carry out any incident. On August 23, security forces had recovered a huge amount of explosive dump hidden by Naxalites from Narpi forest in Lanji and on September 6 from Chauriya-Chiloda forest in Lanji.

The encounter took place about a year ago

It is noteworthy that earlier in October 2022, there was an encounter between Hawkforce and Naxalites who were searching in the forest of village Bodaljhola of Sulsuli outpost of Lanji. After this, the police and security forces engaged in the eradication of Naxalites recovered the dumps of the Naxalites and foiled their plans.

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