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Jogi Calls for Three Prong Strategy to Combat Maoists

Former Chhattisgarh chief minister Ajit Jogi on Saturday said a three-pronged strategy, including dialogue, was needed to combat the Maoist menace.

“Socio-economic development, maintenance of law and order and initiation of dialogue can control Maoists … If Maoists in Nepal can come to the mainstream why not in India?” said Jogi, addressing a news conference, on the sidelines of the  Jharkhand poll campaign in Ranchi.

He advocated for efforts to end exploitation, eradicate poverty and illiteracy and improve health and communication to fillip socio-economic development.

While claiming to have kept the Maoists at bay during his chief ministerial tenure, Jogi said of late, the rebels have come as near as Raipur.

Voicing concern over the prevailing conditions in Jharkhand, despite its rich mineral and human resources, he said the situation would be changed once the Congress was voted to power.

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