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Alligator Population Rises in Chambal, Kindles Hope of Their Survival

The natural breeding of alligators in the Chambal river in the state has resulted in an increase in their population and hints at a positive turnaround in the survival of reptiles.

It is a ray of hope for conservationists and the authorities after a deadly disease adversely affected the local alligator population two years ago.

“There are no signs of mass mortality, which killed the alligators back in 2007-08, over here. The alligators are protected and absolutely healthy over here. We are making great efforts to preserve their species in this area. They are not suffering from any disease and they are healthy,” said Dr H C Bhadauriya, a member of the Alligator Eco Centre.

He said that there has been a rise in population of alligators and their number has gone up to over a thousand from 450.

Though officials are pleased with the fact that there are now many alligator hatchlings in the river, they admit that their protection from the monsoon and disease continues to be a challenge.

An increase in the alligator population is considered a good sign for conservation of the world’s environment.

“An increase in the number of alligators is a good sign for the Chambal Sanctuary, our country, and the whole world. It will help preserve the world’s environmental heritage and contribute towards wildlife conservation,” said Dr S K Mittal, an alligator expert.

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