Kapil Sibal for Scrapping Class 10 Exams to Reform School Education

For reforms in school education system, Union Human Resources Minister Kapil Sibal has of late proposed an innovative idea, scrapping class 10 board examination.

The minister, who describes the examination-based system is a source of trauma for both parents and students, wants elimination of not just class 10 examinations but also establish system based on percentiles.

Sibal thinks that it is time to go about restructuring the system so that gaining knowledge is not stressful

“We need to de-traumatise it and reduce the burden on parents and children. We could, for instance, think of abolishing the Class 10 board exam. Why does a child need to appear for a board exam in Class 10 if he or she is continuing in the same school?” asked Sibal.

“I think we should not let the students and their parents go through this immense trauma at a such young age. I will be taking forward this proposal and will be discussing it with the state broads too. We already have NCERT recommendations on it and this not new. Many countries don’t have exams but have a different form of assessment. For Class 12, it is different. We need to have exams because the students will be going into graduate colleges, but for Class 10, why should we have percentages when we can have percentile,” he added.

The Union HRD Ministry will consult and take into confidence the state education boards before taking a final decision.

Sibal also said that it this ministry will do its best to implement the Yash Pal Committee report within 100 days.

The Committee headed by Professor Yash Pal had been set up to advise on Renovation and Rejuvenation of Higher Education and has recommended the establishment of a National Commission for Higher Education and Research (NCHER).

The NCHER will be an advisory body responsible for reforms in higher education, the committee had recommended.

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