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Congress, BJP Can Never Come Together, says Digvijay

Bhopal: Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh has said that his party will never strike an alliance with BJP to form a government at the Centre.

Stressing that there are too many ideological differences between the two parties, Singh said that the Congress and the BJP cannot come together even for the sake of the nation.

He said that Congress is a largely liberal party, while BJP has got a very “narrow-minded” approach on most of the issues.

AICC general secretary said that BJP needs to explain to the nation as to why it supports organisations which are communal in nature.

The Congress leader also said that unlike the Congress which is totally secular in nature, the BJP is a “highly communal” party and hence there arises no question of any alliance with it.

On the current Lok Sabha elections, he said that the Congress hoped to do better than what it did in 2004 but said that no one has been able to read the mind of the country’s voters.

It is because of this that most of the surveys conducted during elections generally go wrong, he said

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