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300 of 1411 Tigers in India are MP Residents

Bhopal  —  Of the estimated 1,411 tigers across the country, 300 big cats are residents of Madhya Pradesh, the information was provided in a written reply filed by Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh in the Lok Sabha.

In his response, Ramesh said: “As per the findings of the recent All India tiger estimation in 2008 using refined methodology, the total country-level population of tigers is 1,411 (mid-value); the lower and upper limits being 1,165 and 1,657 respectively.”

The highest number of tigers were recorded in Madhya Pradesh (300) followed by Karnataka (290), Uttarakhand (178), Uttar Pradesh (109) and Maharashtra (103).

The findings are based on spatial occupancy of tigers and sampling such forests using camera traps in a statistical framework, which are not comparable to the earlier total count using pugmarks, said the minister.

(Based on Media Reports)

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