RSS Asks BJP to Choose Either Chemotherapy or Surgery for Treatment

Following its defeat in recently concluded assembly elections in three states, debate has started over as to who is responsible for the drubbing.

According to report, the RSS has offered its diagnosis of BJP’s ailment and even asked for providing the treatment.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has suggested that the party ‘decide it’s own cure – whether it should go in for surgery, or chemotherapy’. Needless to add, he had earlier in the year suggested that younger leaders should be given more significant roles in the party.

The BJP says as always, it looks to the RSS for guidance. “Only the doctor can tell us what will work…we are the patients,” quipped BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi.

It may be mentioned that the BJP this year has seen unprecedented infighting over when LK Advani should step down as Leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

Party president Rajnath Singh has initiated several controversial gestures including the expulsion of former External Affairs Minister Jaswant Singh, who served the party for 30 years.

Jaswamt was sacked for writing a book that praised Mohammed Ali Jinnah and criticized Sadar Patel. The crisis over that incident was followed immediately by Vasundhara Raj defying the BJP’s orders to resign as Leader of the Opposition in Rajasthan. After months of negotiation, she finally stepped down from her post over the weekend.

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