Rana Denies Links to 26/11; IB Confirms his Visit to Banglore before Attacks

All the efforts of Indian investigators to quiz him to take out truth notwithstanding, Pakistani born Candian national and a suspected LeT operative Tahawwur Hussain Rana has denied any link to last year’s Mumbai terror attacks.

Rana’s counsel, in a statement, said that his client harbours no ill-will against Indians and that has categorically denied any link to the 26/11 attacks.

This statement is the first response from the prime Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) catch. Rana, along with David Coleman Headley, another suspected LeT operative of Pakistani origin but American nationality, was nabbed by the US agency for plotting terror attacks in Indian and Denmark.

It should be noted that India called the US officials for permission to interrogate the two suspects but things failed to move ahead on that front.

However, India is expected to get information about the plans and network of LeT operatives next week when a high-level FBI team visits New Delhi with ‘all details’ of their probe.

However, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) confirmed on Sunday that both Headley and Rana visited Bangalore before the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai.

“Bangalore was supposedly the main target for these terrorists. But they feared that they might be trapped, and hence they changed their plans. The sea route through which the ten terrorists reached Mumbai was found to be more feasible for easy entry and exit,” an IB official said.

The intelligence agency confirmed the visit a fortnight after this newspaper reported that Headley and Rana had used Bangalore as a transit point.

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