Ramesh Convinces Two Key Indian Climate Negotiators

Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has convinced the two key negotiators, who have threatened to pull out of climate change summit to be held in Copenhagen.

Chandrashekhar Dasgupta, former IFS officer, and Pradip Gosh, former environment secretary, will now take part in the summit.  Ramesh himself confirmed this.

“We are leaving, the confusion has been cleared,” Ramesh said.

The two negotiators insisted on a clarification if India would make unreciprocated concessions in Copenhagen. In a discussion, the minister gave the two certain assurances.

The negotiating team headed by Shyam Sharam, the Prime Ministers’ special envoy on climate change, has already left for Copenhagen.

The threat given by the two earlier suggested that they had reservations about country’s position over the issues such as India’s stand on per capita emission principles, transfer of technology, verification and domestically financed programmes.

However, Dasgupta denied that he had cancelled his trip to Copenhagen and said that only delayed it to consult with the Environment Minister on issues that seem to be contrary to the Prime Minister’s per capita approach.

It is still not confirmed whether the PM has bee following his chief negotiator Sharan’s brief on this. Some remarks made by Ramesh in the parliament gave the feeling that he was not on the same page with the negotiating team.

Dasgupta made it clear that his problem was not so much to do with the emission intensity forecast – of agreeing to 20-25 percent voluntary cut by 2020 – but with the unilateral concessions promised without assurance of reciprocity.

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