Out of Power PDP Nervous and Worry, Says Omar

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has said that the opposition parties are lavelling false charges against his government, for they are unable to cope up with the fact that they are out of power.

“The PDP is nervous and worried. They see themselves out of power for the next five and a half years and do not know how to cope with it,” Omar said after half-an-hour long meeting with Congress President Sonia Gandhi in Parliament.

“I honestly am not worried about the opposition giving me a chance. I do not expect them to give a chance. People of Jammu and Kashmir have given us a chance and not the opposition. It is to them we are accountable and we will remain accountable,” Omar told reporters here.

According to report, Omar and his cabinet colleagues discussed smooth functioning of the coalition government in Jammy and Kashmir during the meeting with Gandhi.

“I had come to discuss the smooth functioning of the coalition government,” Omar said.

It may be mentioned that the meeting comes three days after Governor NN Vohra rejected Omar’s resignation in the wake of PDP’s allegation that the chief minister was involved in the 2006 sex scandal in the state, a charge rubbished by the Centre.

Omar said he thanked the Congress President for her “wholehearted support” to the coalition in the state, which included in particular the “record” allocations for Jammu and Kashmir by the Planning Commission.

“The record support Jammu and Kashmir had received from the Planning Commission would not have been possible without her support,” Omar said.

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