Nepalese Premier Reaches out to India Businessmen

In an apparent bid to win back shaken confidence of India businessmen following political events in his country since May, Nepalese Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has reached to the Indian investors assuring them of a “feel-at-home” environment in his country.

In the wake of political events since May and attacks by militant trade unions on a few firms, including a well-known fast moving consumer goods firm, confidence of Indian entrepreneurs in the neighbouring country was shaken.

“The Prime Minister’s Office will make sure that you feel at home and obstacles are removed. You will get a high level of attention from the government. I will personally make sure that the foreign investment is given due priority,””Nepal told captains of Indian industry at a luncheon meeting.

Nepal cited investment opportunities in hydro power, roads, bridges, infrastructure, construction, tourism, agro-processing and financial services.

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