Kasab Denies Shooting Karkare, Kamte, Salaskar

The only surviving attacker of Mumbai terror strike Amir Ajmal Kasab has denied having shot police officers Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijaya Salaskar on the night of 26/11, claiming that he was not present at the site.

“There is no question of me shooting at them as I was not present on the site,” he told the special court.

Kasab said that he was already in police custody when the terror attack took place and was not present at CST, Cama Hospital or Giragaum Chowpati (where he was caught by police).

He said that he was taken out by the Crime Branch officers in a police vehicle following the attack and was shown the sites.

“They are police, they need an accused. So they framed me up,” he alleged.

In response to a query as to how he received a bullet injury on hand, Kasab said that when he was in custody, police gave him local anaesthesia in hands and shot him.

Earlier, when proceedings began in the court, he told Judge M L Tahaliyani that he was not feeling well, and requested that recording of his statement be adjourned.

But the judge said that there would be no adjournment, though if Kasab did not want to say anything, he was free to do so.

Last week, in a flip-flop, the lone surviving terrorist captured by authorities denied all charges related to the 26/11 attacks’ trial and said he was forcibly made to confess.

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