Kasab Continues to Deny All Charges

The only surviving attacker of the last year’s Mumbai terror strike Amir Ajmal Kasab, who appeared in court on Tuesday, continues to deny his role in the attacks.

So far, he has been asked 891 questions by the Judge and at least 800 are more to follow in the marathon trial.

Resuming after Christmas vacations, the court interrogated Kasab on the opinion expressed by ballistic experts and DNA reports which have nailed him in the terror attacks.

The ballistic experts, while giving their opinion, had said that the bullets fired from Kasab’s AK-47 rifle had inflicted fatal injuries on the bodies of victims.

The DNA reports have said that samples found from Kuber fishing trawler (on which Kasab and 9 other terrorists had purportedly arrived from Pakistan) had matched with the DNA of Kasab.

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