India Vital for Bringing Peace: White House

Describing India as an ‘important ally’, the White House has said that the US continues to be engaged with the Indians to bring about peace in an important region of the world.

“I think it goes without saying that India is an important ally,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

While speaking to reporters, he was responding to query if after winning the Nobel Peace Prize President Barack Obama, who has often mentioned Mahatma Gandhi in his speeches, would work harder than ever for global peace, including in the Indian subcontinent.

In apparent reference to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s forthcoming visit next month, the spokesman said that after Obama returns from his trip to Asia, “We will have… an important event here at the White House – the President’s first state dinner.”

“And obviously we continue to be very engaged with the Indians to bring about peace in obviously an important region of the world,” Gibbs said.

In response to the question whether the award would accelerate the climate bill at home and increase the chances of a successful conclusion of the Copenhagen round of talks in December, he said, “It’s important for the world to understand that the US is taking, granted, long overdue but important, steps to ensuring that we’re part of that solution.”

He also answered a query if the peace prize and a poll showing that the US’s standing in the world has bettered dramatically since Obama was elected, saying, “Well, I’ll leave (that) to the myriad of pundits.”

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