Five of 10 IP Addresses Traced to Pak in 26/11 Probe

The Internet Protocol (IP) addressed used by accused of last year’s Mumbai terror attacks to communicate with terrorists have been accessed, and five out of the ten have been traced to Pakistan.

A probe into the geographical locations of IP addresses used by the accused has been found to be located in Pakistan, Russia, Kuwait and the United States.

Mukund Pawar, Crime Branch Cyber Cell Inspector, told a local court during the hearing that a list of 10 IP addresses has been handed over to Indian authorities by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to the charge sheet filed in the court, these IP addresses were used to gain control of the email id,, which was used by the perpetrators later to make payments to a US Internet communication service provider.

Pawar said he used a website to find out the actual location from where the IPs were accessed and retrieved the ten locations based in different parts of the world including Pakistan.

“I downloaded the information available on the website in respect of the 10 addresses. Five IPs –,,,, and – were traced to Pakistan,” Pawar said.

According to him, some of the addresses located in Pakistnan were registered in the names of Colonel R Saadat Ullah, Khurram Shazad in Rawalpindi, Sajid Iftikhar in Lahore and others.

The remaining five addresses were proxies, traced to Chicago, Moscow and Safat in Kuwait.

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