Expelled by BJP, Jaswant Is Invited by SP, Pak

Though the BJP has expelled him from the party for a crime that writing a book on founder of Pakistan MA Jinnah was, he has new doors opened to him, that, too, with red carpet laid out for his welcome.

The SP has invited expelled BJP leader Jaswant Singh to join the party. Also, he is scheduled to visit Pakistan soon to promote his book.

SP leader Amar Singh told a private TV news channel that Jaswant is welcome to work “through the platform of SP”.

“I have spoken with him and I have very candidly told him that he is not alone. I am too small a fry to invite him to my party but it will be my fortune to enable him to do something to be active in politics through the platform of SP,” said Amar.

According to Amar, Jaswant had requested him to let him recuperate after his kidney transplant surgery in Singapore and they could have talks then. Amar also said that he told Jaswant that he expulsion from the BJP was unjustified.

“I am saddened by the development in your party and I don’t see any reason for the book (on Jinnah by Jaswant) being the cause for you being removed from your party.”

“I will be too happy and too delighted to have someone as senior as Jaswant Singhji in stature. And also his views on partition are identical to that our ideologue Dr Ram Manohar Lohia,” said Amar.

Amar also highlighted BPJ’s double standard in dealing with the matter saying that Jinnah was praised by Advani also but he was subsequently projected as the Prime Ministerial candidate.

He said that Jaswant wants to remain in active politics.

Jaswant is scheduled to visit Pakistan on Friday. He will sign copies of his book at a leading bookstore of Islamabad and then head for Karachi for another promotional event for his book – Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence.

The book has selling even though it is priced at nearly 2000 Pakistani rupees. The owner of the Mr Books store in Islamabad says that he had to fly in copies via Dubai resulting in the high cost.

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