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Scholarship Amount for Minority Communities Tripled

For promotion of education among minority communities, the central government has enhanced the scholarship amount for them to three times its existing limit for Madhya Pradesh, with a total of Rs 20 crore to be distributed among the minority students of pre-matric, post-matric and merit-cum means.

Jabbar Dhakwala, Commissioner for Backward Classes and Minorites, said that now students belonging to minority communities will be benefited by increased scholarship amount.

He informed that under the programme for the Minorities run by the Centre, nearly 67,375 students of pre-matric, post-matric and merit-cum means would be benefited.

He admitted that students faced difficulty filling scholarship forms and some times even schools and colleges did not fill the columns meant for them, proposing that private parties will be entrusted with this responsibility from the next academic session to save students face any problem.

Dhakwala said that as Madhya Pradesh is a Hindi speaking state, students from Minority communities cannot take advantage of the scholarship as the form for it is in English and runs into five or six pages.

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