Crying Foul on Sonia Becoming NAC Chief, BJP Says People Will Make her Quit

Following Congress president Sonia Gandhi again taking charge as the chief of the National Advisory Council (NAC), main opposition party BJP has cried foul and said that people will make her quit the post, reported ANI.

BJP spokesperson Tarun Vijay said that the people of the country would make Gandhi step down from her post this time, report said.

“It has been a history of the Congress party to hold an office of profit while being an MP. Last time, it was a show by Sonia Gandhi of ‘tyag’, but the fact is that under the pressure of whole country, she had to resign,” Vijay was quoted as saying.

“This time also, the people of this country will make her resign from this post,” he was quoted as saying.

On Monday, the central government formed the NAC, to be headed by Sonia Gandhi, who will hold the rank and status of Union Cabinet Minister with immediate effect.

The term of appointment of the Chairperson of the NAC will come into effect from the date Gandhi assumes charge of the office as the Chairperson, report said.

According to report, term of appointment of the chairperson will be co-terminus with the term of the NAC or until further orders which ever is earlier, while the term of the members of the NAC shall be for a period of one year with effect from the date of their appointment, which may be extended.

NAC’s head will draw the same salary, pay, allowances and other facilities to which a member of the Union Council of Minister is entitled, report said.

Sonia Gandhi quit the NAC in March 2006 after the BJP- led Opposition alleged that she had violated the office of profit principle.

Gandhi had also resigned from her Lok Sabha seat. But later despite winning the Rae Bareilly by poll, she kept herself away from the NAC.

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