China Denies Allegation of Indian Airspace Violation

Two days after the Indian charge, China has denied all allegation of infringing the Indian airspace in Leh on Monday, claiming that its border patrols conform to rules and regulations.

In a statement, the Chinese foreign ministry said that it does not intrude into other country’s airspace and that their patrols follow all regulations.

“I want to stress that China’s border patrolling has always been carried out strictly according to relevant regulations, will never cross the border and enter other countries’ airspace or territory,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu.

Besides, Jiang Yu described reports of any hostility between the troops of the two countries on the Sino-Indian borders as “groundless”.

The clarification from the Chinese side came a day after confirmation of airspace violation by Indian Army Chief, General Deepak Kapoor.

General Deepak Kapoor had said on Monday, “There has been one incursion of a Chinese Helicopter sometime back. At times this can also happen due to a navigation error but this is not to justify that the incursion took place. It has happened and that has been taken up in the Border Personnel meet with the Chinese.”

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