Agni-II Fails Mission Parametres at Second Stage Separation

The first ever night trial of India’s nuclear capable Agni-II Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) test-fired from a mobile launcher has drawn a blank to meet all the mission parameters, said reports.

“The test-fire, conducted from the Wheeler Island off Orissa coast last night, could not achieve all the desired results and pre-coordinated parameters,” they said after thorough analyses of the mission data.

The two-stage Agni-II missile, developed indigenously with a range of 2000 km, was meant to train the end-user, the Strategic Force Command of the Indian Army, to operate the sophisticated missile in adverse conditions

According to reports, after a smooth take-off and proper first stage separation, the sleek missile seemed to have failed to meet the desired results mid-way at the second stage separation.

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