1. What is the present power situation in the State?

Average evening unrestricted demand for the month of May 08 was 5125 MW and shortages were around 1122 MW. During May 08, 24 hours supply provided to the industries, average 22.45 hours supply provide to the Commissionery, 19.45 hrs to district and 16.35hrs to tehsil headquarters whereas about 12.40 hrs supply extended to rural areas. Online power position information is available at State Load Dispatch website (sldcmpindia.com)

2. What is the quantum of demand in industry, agriculture and domestic segments?

For the year 2007-08 the provisional sales to Industry, Agriculture and Domestic segments were 5278.20, 6472.92 & 4271.93 MU respectively and the online information about discoms data is available at their website:
www.mpez-electricity-discom.nic.in, (East Discom)
www.madhyavitaran.nic.in, (Central Discom)
www.mppkvvcl.org, (West Discom)

3. What is the quantum of total power generated in the State?

Power generated during FY 08 by MP State Sectors



Energy in MU


M.P. Power Generating Co.Ltd(MPPGCL)



State Joint Venture – Indira Sagar Omekareshwar & Sardar Sarovar


However, online information about other data related to Power Generating Co. is available at their website mppgenco.nic.in

4. What is the current status ofthe Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station, the Amarkantak and Satpura facilities that were facing “Technical difficulties”?

The present status of various thermal power stations is as follows :-

i) SGTPS, Birsinghpur – This thermal power station has 4 units of 210 MW each. Of late a unit of 500 MW was synchronized in the month of June 07. The COD of the said unit is yet to be declared.

ii) ATPS, Chachai – This thermal power station has 4 units of 30 MW, 20 MW & 2×120 MW. The first ‘2 units of 30/20 MW has been proposed to retire and approval of the 800 has been conveyed to Govt. of M.P. for their final approval which is awaited. An extension unit of 210 MW is to be synchronized in the month of June, 08

iii) STPS, Sami – This thermal power station has 9 units which consists of 5×62.5 MW, 200 MW and 3×210 MW. A further extension of unit No. 10 & 11 of 250 MW capacity is envisaged to be commissioned in the year 2011-12.

As far as technical difficulties are concerned it is to mention that there is no technical difficulty in operation of the running units.

5. What is the quantum of power bought from other State/Bodies?


6. At what rate is such energy being purchased?

Sector-wise power bought during FY 08 is as follows (provisional):-



Energy in MU Rs.(In Cr.) Rs. Per Unit







State Joint Venture(NHDC) & Sardar Sarovar





Central Sector Share (ER+WR)





Others (DVC, Bilateral, Captive, Wind, UI, Short Term ets.)








7. What is the quantum of transmission losses?

Transmission losses for FY 08 is 4.09%. However, online information about other data related to Power Transmission Co. is available at their website

8. When do the proposed power purchase agreements (PPAs) with Lanco, Reliance energy come into existence?

The agreement with M/s PTC (for Lanco – Amarkantak Pvt. Power limited at Pathadi in Korba) for 300 MW was executed on 30th May 2005 as per terms of the agreement, date of commercial operation of the above power plant is 36 months from the date of financial closure i.e. Septemeber, 2008 and the agreement with Sasan Power limited for 1500 MW was executed on th August, 2007. The phase wise CoD of each unit is given below :-

(i) First Unit – May, 2013
(ii) Second Unit – December, 2013
(iii) Third Unit – July, 2014
(iv) Fourth Unit – February, 2015
(v) Fifth Unit – September, 2015
(vi) Sixth Unit – April, 2016

9. How much energy will the state receive from these bodies?

Total 2102 MUs each year (considering 80% PLF) will be received from PTC Lanco – Amarkantak Private limited and 10512 MUs each year (considering 80% PLF) will be received from Reliance’s Sasan Power limited.

10. At what cost will this power be acquired?

The levelized tariff for PTC’s Lanco – Amarkantak Pvt. limited shall be Rs.2.20 per unit (capped) and the levelized tariff for Reliance Sasan Power limited shall be Rs. 1.1.96 per unit.

11 Any further information on policies or proposals of the State Electricity?

Department or the state power policy would also be highly appreciated.

Details enclosed as Annexure I.


Power Scenario in Madhya Pradesh

A Generation

i. Achievements

  • During the last 4 years capacity addition in the State was 2937 MW. This increase was about 100% over the capacity available in December 2003. Capacity addition since December 2003 is as follows.

Indira sagar Hydel Project

1000 MW

Sardar Sarovar Hydel Project (MP Share)

826.5 MW

Omkareshwar Hydel Project

520 MW

Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power House

500 MW

Banasagar Hydel Project

20 MW

Marhikheda Hydel Project

60 MW

Bergi Left Canal Hydel Project

10 MW


2936.5 MW

ii. Total capacity available for the State

M.P. Genco Thermal

2647.5 MW

M.P. Genco Hydel

922.62 MW

State Joint Venture – Narmada Project

2358.7 MW

Central Sector Share

2035.13 MW


7963.95 MW

  • Energy shortage 19%.

  • Peak demand shortage 21 %

iii. Brief Status of ongoing projects

  • Amarkantak 210 MW TPS Extn. (10th Plan unit) – The progress of turnkey contractor Mis BHEL is very slow. Synchronization on oil firing is expected by the end of May 2008 and commissioning by Sept./Oct. 2008 (original synchronization schedule 28th Feb. 2007, original commissioning schedule 30th June 2007).

  • 1200 MW Malwa Thermal Power Project under 11th Plan is being implemented through ICB route and the tenders for the project are in advanced stage. Lol for 8TG is likely to be placed in May 2008.

Environmental clearance and enhancement of coal linkage are pending with Govt. of India.

  • 2×250 MW Satpura Thermal Power extension units are planned for commissioning in 11th Plan. Order for main BTG package has been placed on Mis BHEL and initial advance released. Coal linkage & Environment clearance pending with Gol.

  • MP Power Trading Co. has initiated action for procurement of power under Case-1 and Case-2 of competitive tariff based bidding.
    1. Offers have been invited to procure 2000 MW power under Case-1 & Lol for procurement of 600 MW power has already been placed on Mis Lanco Infratech, Gurgaon at the levelised tariff of Rs. 2.34 per unit. For procurement of balance 1400 MW rates are under negations with other qualified bidders i.e. Mis Reliance Power & Mis Essar.

    1. A SPV has been created to develop 1500 MW Shahpura Thermal Power Project under Case-2. Coal linkage I allocation of coal blocks has been requested from Govt. of India for this project.
  • State is facilitating the ultra mega power project at Sasan being executed by Mis Reliance Power. Water has already been allocated and for allocation of land, actions are in advanced stage. Advance possession of 290.16 hectare of land already given to the company.

  • In order to facilitate private investment in power generation projects and to provide assistance to the private developers, GoMP has entered into Mol:.:I with 23 companies for 26800 MW capacity merchant power plants. Major companies are Mis Jaypee Power Venture, Mis Esser, Mis Reliance, Mis SJK, etc.
  • To harness hydel potential and. to·enQourage green power, a Policy for development of small hydro projects’for the state has been- notified by the State Government.

  • To encourage capacity addition through Non-conventional Energy Sources, Non-Conventional Energy Policy has been issued by the State Government giving lucrative incentives to the developers. Tariffs have also been notified by MPERC for wind and biomass project.
  • 20 paise cess on captive power generation is completely waived off to encourage captive generation.

iv. Way forward

  • Capacity addition of 5740 MW has been planned during the 11th Plan period.

B Transmission

i. Achievementss

  • Capacity addition in transmission during the last 4 years

    1. 608 Ckt Kms 400 KV lines
    1. 1444 Ckt. Kms 220 KV lines

    1. 1523 Ckt Kms 132 KV lines
    1. Capacity of 400 KV Sub-stations increased by 945 MV A.

    1. 11 new 220 KV Sub-stations, 41 new 132 KV Sub-stations installed.
    1. Capacities of 220 KV and 132 KV Sub-stations increased by 3300 MVA and 3234 MVA respectively.

      • In order to improve the voltage profile and to compensate the lagging power factor, shunt capacitor of 350 MVAR on 132 KV and shunt capacitors of 380 MVAR have been installed on 33 KV systems.
      • Transmission losses have been reduced from 7.93% in 2002-03 to 4.09% at present.

      • Transmission system stability improved-from 95% to 99% during last 4 years.
      • Capacity of transmission system increased from 4652 MW in 2002-03 to 6684 MW at present. The increase is about 44% in 4 years. It is targeted to increase this capacity to 8170 MW by the year 2008-09.

ii. Way forward

  • Transmission expansion plan during the 11th Plan period – Rs. 3948 crore.

C Sub-transmission & Distribution

i. Achievements

  • Physical progress during the 10th Plan Period.

    1. Erection of 33KV lines – 4349 kms.
    1. Addition of 11 KV lines – 5994 kms.

    1. Installation of power transformers – 610 Nos.
    1. Installation of distribution transformers -18038 Nos.

      • During 2007-08 8.59 lakh temporary connections have been released for the agriculture purpose, which is about 88% higher than the connections given during 2003-04.
      • During the year 2007-08, the energy supplied was 35809 MU, which was 32% higher than 27094 MU supplied during the 2002-03.

      • During the year 2007-08, maximum demand met was 6684 MW, which was 44% higher than 4652 MW supplied during 2002-03.
      • 24 hours supply provided to the industrial consumers during the last 3 years.

      • Average three phase supply in rural areas during rabi season was 10 to 13 hrs. per day.
      • AT &C losses have been reduced by 12% since the power sector reforms initiated in the state in the 2000-01 (AT&C losses at present 47% and target for 201 1-12 – 30.20%)

      • With the better management and proper maintenance, failure rate of distribution transformers reduced by about 10% during last 5 years.

ii. Tariff subsidy provided to the agricultural consumers

  • The State G~ernment provided tariff subsidy for agriculture consumers in the. following manner to isolate the agricultural consumers from the impact of the tariff hike by the Commission:


Agricultural Subsidy (Rs. In Crore)









State Government has decided to further reduce the cost of subsidized agriculture power from 1st April 2008 from 120 paise per unit up to 300 units per month and 170 paise per unit above 300 units to 75 paise per unit up to 500 units consumption and 110 paise per unit above 500 units per month consumption. Estimated subsidy for the year 2008-09 is Rs. 1234 crore.

iii. Schemes for the benefits of the consumers

  • State Government has implemented a scheme to give relief to the agricultural pump consumers in clearing their old dues. As per the scheme, 50% of the old arrears have to be paid by the consumers and for the balance 50%, the State Government would compensate the Discom. Apart from the 50% relief on the principle amount, the surcharge on the consumers would also be waived off by the Discoms. A provision of Rs. 700 crares has been kept in state budget for the year 2008-09 towards above 50% relief on energy charges.

  • Agricultural consumers have been allowed to pay energy bill in advance twice, on six monthly basis.
  • For the feeder bifurcation works in the rural areas the State Government has provided Rs. 100 crore in the year 2008-09 Budget. This will facilitate better power supply to rural households.

  • In order to provide new permanent pump connections, scheme has been launched by the State Government for which Rs. 50 crare have been allocated in the budget for the year 2008-09. For the small farmers, the State Government will pay 75% of the amount of the work while for the other farmers; provision of 60% payment has been made in the scheme for line extension works, etc.

iv. Rural Electrification

  • Under the Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidutikarn Yojana, Schemes for all 48 districts have been submitted to REC. Out of which, 30 schemes have been sanctioned and funds released only against 8 schemes. The work has been started in all the 8 schemes.

v. Way forward

  • Apart from rural electrification schemes under RGGVY for Rs. 2346 crore, plan outlay of Rs. 9713 crore (budgetary support and outside plan fund) has been approved for strengthening sub-transmission and distribution works.

  • High voltage distribution system under ADB schemes is under implementation. Feeder separation works in rural areas have been started in phased manner.

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