UK Sends Diplomat for Sri Lanka Peace Talks

British Premier Gordon Brown has recently sent a special diplomat to the United Nations (UN) in New York for a “urgent” discussion on the ongoing conflict between military and LTTE  in Sri Lanka.

MP Des Browne, the special representative, will try to secure a truce between government forces and Tamil Tiger rebels fighting in the northern region of the island country. Earlier, Sri Lankan government has declined UN appeal to extend the two-day truce to enable the civilians trapped in the conflict to escape to safer places. 

Foreign Secretary David Miliband said that he was “gravely concerned” that around 100,000 civilians are still trapped in the area.

Earlier this month, hundreds of Tamils demonstrated outside Parliament in London calling for Britain’s help.

According to estimate of health officials in Sri Lanka, at least 28 civilians have been killed in the last two days of fighting. However, the UN puts the figure at 2,800 dead and 7,000 injured in the past two months.

Mr Miliband said: “The British government maintains its calls for an immediate ceasefire in Sri Lanka and for civilians to be allowed to leave the conflict area.”

The Sri Lankan government has rejected calls for a ceasefire, arguing it would give Tamil Tiger rebels time to regroup.

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