Only Congress Able to Fight Terror, PM

In what could be called a response to BJP’s charge blaming Congress for increased events of terrorism in the country, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said that only Congress can provide a strong government in “difficult times” when the country is confronted with threats like terrorism.

“The Congress party can only give you a strong government in this hour by having all the apparatus to face difficult times,” the Prime Minister said while addressing an election rally at Amingaon in North Guwahati.

Singh also expressed concern over the rising incidences of terrorism which posed a threat to the country.

Singh maintained that “terrorism has no place in our society” and condemned the recent acts of violence in India and Assam in particular where the common man, women and children were the victims.

Assuring the people of stopping these events of terrorism, Singh said, “I have my sympathy for the victims of this senseless attack.”

Stressing UPA’s strong stand on terrorism, the Prime Minister said that after the Mumbai terror strike the UPA government had strongly dealt with the emerging situation and was in contrast to what the BJP did when similar attacks took place during their rule, he said.

“There is a difference between what they (BJP) promise and what they do. That is for you to know,” Singh said.

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