Protesting Students Attack Moldova Parliament

Agitating students in the east European nation – Moldova on Tuesday attacked the country’s parliament as part of their protest against the ruling Communist Party in the country barely 48 hours after the Leftists registered an election win on Sunday.

Reports, citing witnesses say crowds of agitators climbed into the premises through smashed ground-floor windows hurled furniture before igniting fires in the high-security building.

Some 30 people including security personnel and protesters are being treated for injuries sustained in the violence and arson.

President Vladimir Voronin’s office is yet to issue an official statement on the matter.

Security forces guarding he area used tear gas and used water canons to disperse the crowds, reports say the presidential office was also attacked.

Representatives of the opposition parties, are among the thousands of mainly young people protesting in the centre of the capital, Chisinau.

They believe the elections were rigged.

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