No Reduction of Troops in Afghan War: Obama

US President Barack Obama has said that there will not be a reduction in the number of troops deployed in Afghanistan nor the war will be turned into a counter-terror campaign.

During a meeting on America’s Afghan strategy, Obama didn’t hit if he was prepared to send more troops to war zone, either the 40,000 his top commander or a smaller build up, but made it clear that he was not in favour of restricting the campaign to air strikes and counter terrorism efforts.

In the 90-minute discussion of leaders from both parties in the House of Representatives and the Senate with Obama, Republicans pushed him to follow the advice of his military commanders and Democrats argued that he should not be rushed.

Needless to add, General Stanley McChrystal, his top commander in Afghanistan, has warned that more troops were needed to fight the war, putting the number upto 40, 000. Obama already has added 21, 000 US troops this year, raising the total number to 68, 000.

In addition, Obama gave not time schedule for a decision. Senator John McCain told Obama that he should not move at a ‘leisurely pace’. To which Obama responded sharply saying that said no one felt more urgency than he did about the war, and there would not be nothing leisurely about it.

According to reports, Obama may be considering a more modest buildup of troops, closer to 10,000 rahter than 40,000; but no such decision has been made so far.

The president insisted that he will decide on troops after settling on the strategy ahead. He told lawmakers he will be deliberate and also show urgency.

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