Indian Man Assaulted by Gang in Melbourne, Set on Fire

An Indian who was assaulted and set on fire by a gang in Melbourne is in a serious condition, said media reports.

In its report, BBC said that a 29-year-old Indian was on his way back home from a dinner party with his wife when he was confronted by a gang of men, who poured fluid over him and then set him alight.

The report said that he is receiving medication in a Melbourne hospital, where his condition has been described as serious with his body suffering burns up to 15%.

Police said that they didn’t know why the man was targeted and whether the attack was racially-motivated.

The incidence, however, is likely to evoke a sense of outrage in India, which strongly reacted to Nitin Garg’s murder last week.

Following Garg’s murder, the Indian government has already issued an advisory warning about the dangers of travelling to Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, where the local Indian community claims that racist attacks are on the rise.

Last year saw a spate of attacks against Indian students, which has deterred many from studying in Australia.

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