Flowers, Jubilation in Pakistan as Ousted Judge Returns

The onset of an early summer notwithstanding, black suited lawyers danced, cheered and showered rose petals on Iftikhar Chaudhry to mark his heroic return to the Pakistan Supreme Court in Islamabad to resume duties as chief Justice of the country on Tuesday.

Ousted from office hours after former dictator and President Pervez Musarraf clamped emergency ahead of elections in 2007, Chaudhry’s return marks the culmination of huge protests by opposition parties and lawyers that humbled the Zardari-Gilani administration.

Addressing lawyers Chaudhry urged lawyers to free the judicial system of corruption.

Though, Chaudhry was formally restored to his post at midnight on Saturday but Tuesday was his first day at work following the ‘Pakistan Day’ holiday in the country on Monday.

“It is a source of great satisfaction… that after this long period, the court has been re-established in its original form,” Mr Chaudhry told the gathered lawyers.

“There is an endemic corruption in this institution. This cannot be eradicated without the help of lawyers.”

“I will request all of you, being officers of this court, to put your house in order first,” said an emotional Chaudhry.

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