Varun Stays in Headlines, Front Pages

Varun Gandhi’s alleged anti-minority statements continued to hog headline space and the top slot in the Google News section on Tuesday morning.

Marking the first-ever attack on the 29-year old west-educated BJP candidate from Pilibhit, Varun’s cousin and daughter of Congress president Sonia Gandhi targeted Varun on a day (Monday) when the BJP for the first time clarified its stand on Varun and blasted the Election Commission for overstepping its constitutional liberties by advising the party to refrain from fielding Varun as its candidate.

Nayantara Sehgal, niece of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Varun Gandhi’s grand aunt too joined in the secular chorus and said that the young Gandhi’s statements were not in the Nehruvian traditions, says a media report.

Not to be left behind several Muslim leaders from Uttar Pradesh are demanding a ban on Varun Gandhi’s candidature, they say that they have not taken to the streets in protest as such a ploy would amount to playing in the hands of the BJP, added another report..

Surrounded by controversy, Varun Gandhi, who recently emerged from the shadows and into political limelight, too slammed the EC action saying that the election watchdog had acted out of bias by not subjecting the video footage, showing him making the alleged anti-Muslim statements, to a technical scrutiny.

Varun Gandhi has repeatedly claimed that the video footage was ‘doctored’ as part of a political conspiracy to taint him communal.

With the headlines growing bolder and the political plot thicker, the dominos triggered by the controversy are bound to reach beyond Pilibhit and perhaps even the Lok Sabha elections, an eventuality that is fast becoming a cause of concern in the secular fronts.

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