David Coleman Headley Pleads Guilty

David Coleman Headley (49) has pleaded guilty to scouting targets for the audacious 26/11 Mumbai terror strikes that left over 170, including several foreigners, dead, say media reports.

A US citizen, Headley, at his trial in Chicago, also admitted plotting an attack on a Danish newspaper that published a cartoon deemed offensive by Muslims.

He had earlier denied the charges but changed his plea, admitting 12 counts of conspiracy, to dodge a death penalty or extradition to India, Pakistan or Denmark.

Foreign investigators, however, may still be able to investigate Headley in the US.

“Not only has the criminal justice system achieved a guilty plea in this case, but David Headley is now providing us valuable intelligence about terrorist activities,” US Attorney General Eric Holder wzs reported as saying in a statement.

Headley had made several surveillance trips to India and Denmark and passed on the information to his contacts with the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), the outfit blamed for the Mumbai attacks.

Headley, who was arrested by FBI agents in Chicago in October while trying to board a plane for Philadelphia, is alleged to have told prosecutors that he had been working with LeT since 2002.

Headley changed his name from Daood Gilani in 2006.


•    Born in 1960 to a Pakistani father and an American mother in the US
•    Spent much of his childhood in Pakistan
•    Attended a military boarding school in Islamabad
•    Dropped out of school at 17
•    Joined his mother in the US after she divorced his father
•    Changed his name to David Headley in 2006
•    Made five extended trips to Mumbai between 2006 and 2008
•    FBI says he took pictures and made videotapes of various targets, including those attacked in the macabre 26/11 strikes in 2008
•    Arrested in Chicago on 3 October 2009 as he was about to travel to Pakistan

Based on Media Reports

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