Bomb Blast in Pak Girls School Leaves Six Dead, 70 Injured

Six people, three of them foreigners, and 70 others were killed when a bomb attack rocked the opening ceremony of a girl’s school in northwestern Pakistan, reported New York Times citing officials.

According to report, the three foreigners killed could have been aid workers attending the inauguration of the school in Lower Dir, which is prone to attacks by Islamist militants and lies next to al-Qaida and Taliban strongholds along the Afghan border.

Police chief Mumtaz Zarin Khan said that two of the dead and many of the injured were female students, said report.

Also, security personnel were among the 70 wounded and three local journalists, local doctor Wazir Muhammad was quoted as saying.

However, Khan said that he was not aware of the identities and professions of the dead foreigners, said report.

He said that due to explosion, a three-foot (one-meter) crater was created in the road close to the school, said report.

Security force members, girls’ schools and foreigners have been frequent targets of attack for Taliban and other Islamist militants in Pakistan.

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