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CM said – I still remember the beating on the first movement: said in the conference of Kirar-Dhakad Samaj

I was in 7th then, this movement was for the laborers

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said, we were basically engaged in farming and gardening work. The one who used to play Murli became Murlidhar Lord Krishna Kanhaiya, but the one who used to wear the plow became Dharanidhar, who is our idol. Kirar – Dhakad society has a close relationship with plow and gun. From agriculture to sports, from education to industry, today our children are hoisting the flag of success in every field. We fill the stores of food grains, when there is a need, we are always ready to protect Mother India.


The CM attended the All India Kirar, Dhakad, Nagar, Malav conference at Bhopal’s Dussehra ground on Sunday.


Encouraging the children, the Chief Minister said, when I was studying in class 7, I had done the first movement. This movement was for the workers. The wages were to be given not two and a half pies, but five pies. I still remember the beating I had in that movement. Society should emphasize on education. Along with farming, attention should also be paid to business. Our kids can also start startup work. We will not remain poor, we will not cry. Kirar – No one will remain uneducated in Dhakad society, we will teach everyone.


Shivraj Singh Chouhan is also the patron of Kirar Mahasabha. His wife Sadhna Singh is the National President of Kirar Mahasabha.


Earlier, the Chief Minister also attended the Mahasammelan of Kalchuri Samaj organized at Vasant Kunj, Arera Colony, Bhopal. Bhoomipujan of the community building was done. The people of the society demanded the MLAs of the society to be given place in the cabinet and the people’s representatives in the corporation board. Demanded to give 19 to 20 tickets to the representatives of the society in the assembly elections. Demanded to declare Maheshwar as Kalchuri Dham. CM said, Kalchuri community has a big contribution in my construction. Society makes a nation. If there is progress of individual society, then there will be progress of the nation. for the upliftment of society

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