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CM Chouhan questions Kamal Nath’s mindfulness

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan again asked a question to Kamal Nath today. After planting saplings in Bhopal’s Smart Park, the CM said in a discussion with the media that he could not ask questions to Kamal Nath due to his busy schedule.

Firstly, their tube light turns on for a very long time. The state government, I myself had already started survey work for the farmers suffering from hailstorm. Where there was hailstorm earlier, the survey work is almost being completed, but they write letters very late, they do not go, they only write letters.

CM said- I want to ask him (Kamal Nath), Kamal Nath you have only one option which you use. Lies, lies and only lies to come to power. Congress’s motto should be ‘Kamal Nath with lies’. He confidently lied before the last election and then retracted; This has been the nature of the Congress. Kamal Nath, you had promised, especially the people of backward tribes Baiga, Baria, Saharia community who are living outside the agency areas. Will bring them under the purview of the agency. Will give an amount of Rs 1500 per month for nutrition. You left 1500 rupees, neither brought them outside the agencies, nor gave them a penny. Gave it to the sisters and brothers of these special backward tribes. It is definitely that we used to give 1000 rupees. He committed the great sin of closing that too.

CM Shivraj worshiped Mother Goddess on the first day of Chaitra Navratri.

On the statement of the CM, Kamal Nath told the media in the PCC – Shivraj Singh should not teach me a lesson when our tube lights were lit. He should give the account of his 18 years to the public. Much of his time goes into my criticism. Instead of working himself, he spends his working time criticizing Kamal Nath. This is not how the government works.

Kamal Nath offered prayers on the first day of Chaitra Navratri.
Kamal Nath offered prayers on the first day of Chaitra Navratri.
Kamal Nath spoke on BJP’s allegations
On the allegations of not fulfilling the promises of the promissory note, Kamal Nath said – I have made a complete calculation of fulfilling my promises, which will be the promissory note. It will not be as tempting as the Bharatiya Janata Party. I have thought about how much it costs for everything. I was told that the loan of the farmers cannot be forgiven. But the loans of 27 lakh farmers were waived off. Officers used to say to me that it can never happen, I had said that we will do what is not possible. And did. Wherever I go today, I ask whether the loan was forgiven? I know. How much loan has been waived off in each block and tehsil. I ask questions, people raise their hands. This was the first installment and the second one was on. When our government is no more. There has been hailstorm today, you people will ask the people of Neemuch and Mandsaur, when there was heavy rain. How did he get compensation? Now they are saying that they will get compensation. It is a matter of running the mouth. How many people will the compensation reach? You compensated 10%. It is not a matter of yesterday, nothing is being said about those who have been damaged.

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