Left Can Back UPA, Yechury Shows Difference with Karat

The CPI(M) can extend support to the Congress-led UPA government If the latest statement of party politburo Sitaram Yechury is any indication. He said that the decision regarding extending support  to Congress-led government would be taken after the polls.

Earlier, CPI-M general secretary Prakash Karat, in addition to Yechury, had ruled out any possibility of giving support to a Congress-led alliance. At same time, West Bengal Chief Minister has constantly said that the Left can back a Congress-led government at the centre.

“We will decide what will happen post-election, but right now our objective till the elections are over is the third alternative. However, we do not think the need to support a Congress-led government will arise,” Yechury said in a press conference.

Karat’s persistence denial to back UPA has been read, by political analysts, as his strong confidence of doing better in West Bengal. However, Budhdhadeb Bhattacharjee’s and now Yechury’s changed stand showing possibility of leaning towards Congress-led alliance can only be considered either as an internal difference of opinion in the party or a sudden realization that actually it will be early to predict that the Left is going to perform jolly well in its conventional state.

The possibility of differences seems more likely, though the other likelihood of Left’s sudden assessment of not doing as good as expected can also not be ruled out altogether. This is what Yechury’s statement, given in response to the query that Karat has recently refused to extend support to the Congress-led alliance, reflects.

“I do not know in what context he had said this. We will meet and decide what will happen post-election,” he said.

Yechury is smart enough not to let his sudden softness to Congress seem as astutely politically measured.  He said that the Congress leaders were openly saying after the third phase of the elections that they would take support of the Left if the opportunity to form a government arose.

“But this is an admission of their realisation that they are not coming back to power. Our objective is to form a Third Front government and we are confident about that,” he stressed.

Moreover, according to him, if Left was approached for support by Congress, his party would not be concerned about the individual leading the government.

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