UP Cops Bust ‘Fake’ Blood Racket

The Uttar Pradesh police has arrested six people for running an alleged spurious blood racket in Lucknow, the arrests come a week after cops in after Delhi Police busted a blood donation racket in the national capital.

“You would get any denomination of blood you want. They just put the requisite sticker on the pouch and give it to you,” SP Paresh Pandey was quoted as saying by IBN.

Those arrested were, reportedly, operating from a blood bank in the Thakurganj area of Lucknow.

“The blood could be fake also. We have a strong feeling about it but we will have to get the tests done,” added Pandey.

Experts say the infusion of the blood could lead to various serious complications in patients.

The police, which recovered over 70 pouches, syringes, fake stamps and stickers in the raid on the ‘blood bank, said over half-a-dozen people belonging to tne alleged ring are still absconding.

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