Two Women Arrested in Goa Serial Murder Case

In Goa serial murder case, two women were arrested on Monday for their alleged involvement in the killings of four women which occurred from October 12 to 14.

According to police, the accused offered lifts to the unsuspecting women in their car, killed them and stole their jewellery.

Those arrested so far in the case are Chandrakant Talwar (35), Greshmi Talwar (32), Syron Rodrigues (20) and a 16-year-old girl.

Two of them, Chandrakant Talwar and Syron Rodrigues, who were nabbed on Saturday, have previous criminal record.

RS Yadav, Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), told reporters on Monday evening that the accused had offered lifts to the four women in different parts of Goa over a period of three days, killed them and stole the gold and money they were carrying.

“The minor girl was present in the car when they murdered their victims. They would take the body to a lonely place. In three cases, they burnt the body to avoid identification. In one case, they smashed the face with a heavy object,” Yadav said.

The arrested woman, Greshmi Talwar, sold the stolen gold ornaments, he added.

“In all, they earned Rs 40,000 from the sale of the gold ornaments,” he said.

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