Sonia Asks Pawar to Control Sugar Prices

With sugar prices rising up, the Congress president Sonia Gandhi has written to Union Minister for Agriculture Sharad Pawar, asking him to take instant steps to curb rising prices.

Following steep rise in sugar prices in recent months, its impact has been felt on every household budget in the country.

It should be noted that the central government has been attacked for its policy, which, according to many, is flawed. However, it says that rise in sugar prices are attributed to low production, something which is tough for the government to regulate.

Sonia’s stepping in into the matter has come a day after CWC member Satyravat Chaturvedi attacked Pawar for his handling of the drought situation and the shortage of sugar.

Meanwhile, the Congress party has asked its senior leaders not to air their personal views in public.

The party also stands by its resolution passed at the CWC, which asked the government to take all possible steps to ensure the common man is not affected by the rising prices.

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