Pro-Telangana Activists Try to Storm into State Secretariat: Report

While trying to storm into State Secretariat in Hyderabad, pro-Telangana students were take into custody on Saturday, reported NDTV.

As protests over Telangana continue, the students agitation kept authorities further worried in the state, said report.

As many as 50 pro-Telangana activists had on Thursday tried to storm into the Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium to disrupt a T-20 match between Hyderabad and Andhra Ranji teams.

The protestors had said that they were objecting to the presence of the Andhra team in Hyderabad.

Since November, Andhra Pradesh has been split wide open over creation of Telangana state.

This week, Osmania University, which has been the epi-centre of the pro-Telangana movement, was on edge once again when a student committed suicide as an alleged protest against the delay in the formation of the Telangana state.

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