Prez Calls for Balanced, More Responsible Approach in Media

President Pratibha Patil has said that healthy and constructive discussions on issues in the media are useful for elevating performance levels of administration and of those associated with activities pertaining to social welfare.

On the occasion of inauguration of the three-day joint session of the 62nd World Newspaper Congress and 16th World Editors Forum in Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Patil said that media had a very important part to play in furthering the cause of good governance.

She said that in this era of globalization, issues such as financial integration, terrorism, climate change and rapid communication could not be seen in isolation.

“This characterises the dynamic environment forcing media to look at global linkages for such issues we are confronted with,” the President said.

Describing the function of the media as a social catalyst, she said that this function was so powerful that it becomes obligatory on media to profile issues of equity and empowerment.

Referring to the World Editors’ Forum, Patil stressed that the importance of role of editors as opinion makers, who help the public to understand developments through in-depth analysis. Apart from intellectual capabilities, this role demands objectivity, fairness and a deep sense of responsibility.

She said that there is a tendency in some sections to focus excessively on news which is negative.

Admitting that there is of course a lesson to be learnt from negative events, Patil said that it is equally important is to convey positive messages and to inspire people. Media therefore must search for and find a balance between the portrayal of the negative and positive happenings in society, she said.

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