Praja Rajyam Keeps Doors Open

Amid speculation that it is being persued by the Congress, Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam party  has said that it is keeping its doors open for possible post poll truck.

At the same time, the party, expected to win a considerable number of seats both in Lok Sabha and assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh, termed the Third Front as a “fractured front” at present.

“Any political party has to act in such a way that it should never close any doors post-elections. PRP is also doing the same thing,” PRP general secretary Allu Aravind told media persons when asked whether it will align with Congress. 

Taking a dig the Third Front, Arvind said that it was a “fractured front at present as one of its members has packed and taken his baggage out of it” in a clear reference to the TRS, which switched sides to NDA recently. 

There is intense specualtion that Congress is trying to reach out to Chiranjeevi to get his support both at the state and the Centre.

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