Obama Supportive of Our Concerns: PM

Allaying scepticism over US President Barak Obama’s approach towards India, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday said the leader was supportive and iterated that apprehensions, of his administration being less sensitive to New Delhi’s concerns, lacked basis.

“I find President Obama to be very supportive of India’s development ambitions. He has great admiration for India,” said Premier Singh. He was speaking to journalists aboard Air India One en route to New Delhi from Italy where he attended the Summit of eight industrialised nations and five major emerging economies.

The US President had himself expressed his supportive stance towards India on more than one occasion during the last two days, said Singh.

“That is the impression he gave me in London and that is the consistent impression that I have got that we have a very responsive President Obama as far as India’s aspirations are concerned,” Singh was quoted as saying by PTI news agency.

He was responding to queries over his assessment on Obama’s approach towards India, in the backdrop of speculations of his administration not being as warm towards India as the previous one.

“There is no basis for apprehension that the Obama administration will be less sensitive to India’s concerns than the previous US administration,” clarified the Prime Minister.

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