NCP Says, All Options Open

Continuing to battle over the fine print of an alliance they share (at least at the moment), the Sharad Pawar led NCP stepped up pressure on the Congress saying all options were open to it, if the Congress refused to go into the Lok Sabha elections with all its allies bundled in one truck.

After a meeting Pawar held with party leaders from across the country, NCP spokesman DP Tripathi said if the Congress does not agree to contesting polls as UPA, then the constituents of the alliance were free to draw their own plans.

Significantly, the NCP seeks a greater share of the UPA pie and has been exerting considerable pressures on the Congress for more seats in Maharashtra and also wants seats the Congress to forego some seats in other states.

The NCP says it wants the SP and the RPI factions to be taken along in Maharashtra.

The NCP ultimate is significant as several other UPA allies, including the SP and RJD are also miffed with the Congress for refusing to budge from a no-go stance on a national alliance this year.

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