Mayawati to Launch Anti-Corruption Measures to Rebuild Image

BSP supremo and UP chief minister Mayawati is soon going to launch an anti-corruption drive against “top corrupt” officials across the state in an apparent move to polish her image as a tough and no-nonsense leader, said media reports citing sources.

A vigilance raid was carried out on Saturday evening against a senior official of the rank of joint trade tax commissioner in Ghaziabad. The similar steps are likely to be taken against other senior bureaucrats who are reportedly living beyond their means.

The measure came a month after Mayawati, in a review of the state’s different investigation agencies, told the top officials of these organization to pull up their socks.

Additional Director General Atul, appointed a week ago, had addition charge of the state’s vigilance department which has allegedly become a dumping ground for ‘unwanted’ officers. Atul has been allowed to handpick his team of subordinates.

Reports said citing sources, the process of making a list of the ‘top corrupt’ officials in different government organisations and departments is underway in the vigilance department.

“The Chief Minister is set to bring about qualitative improvement in the state’s governance, which was suffering largely on account of corrupt officials in the hierarchy,” the source said, adding, “More raids will follow in due course.”

It should be mentioned that Mayawati government’s decision to spend Rs 2,600 crore public money for constructing memorials of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) founder Kanshi Ram and other Dalit leaders in Lucknow city has come in for criticism from all quarters. The case will come up for scrutiny before a special bench of the apex court on Monday.

In addition, the BSP chief is reported to have instructed her key party functionaries to focus on all authorities who have held long stints in ‘lucratic organisations’.

The vigilance department has also been asked to expedite all pending inquiries, while punitive action was being ordered in cases where reports have been submitted to the government.

Action is being contemplated largely at the higher levels to send the message loud and clear that ‘the Chief Minister means business’.

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