KCR Wants Statehood to Telangana Right away

TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao has warned the Centre that putting formation of Telangana state on backburner will trigger a fire ‘which even the military will not be able to control.

Appealing to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh not to drag the issue further, KCR asked him to declare Telangana state as early as possible.

He made the remarks while addressing a meeting of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) formed by all political parties and groups fighting for Telangana.

KCR said that people were not afraid of any tactics by the government to suppress the movement.

“Telangana has a history of sacrifices. The people of the region will not be afraid of laying down their lives,” he said.

“I want to appeal to the Prime Minister to start the process of formation of Telangana state as early as possible. If there is democracy and constitution, this just and legitimate demand of the people should be accepted,” he added.

KCR resigned yesterday night as MP in protest against the central government’s move to put on hold the process of formation of Telangana.

In a reference to reports that 4,000 paramilitary personnel are being airlifted from Punjab and Delhi to be sent to Telangana, the TRS supremo said, “Even 400,000 forces can’t stop the Telangana movement.”

“Nowhere in the world has the use of force suppressed peoples’ movement,” he said.

KCR also criticised the Rosaiah government of Andhra Pradesh for snapping electricity and cable television connections in parts of Telangana, saying Rosaiah himself would lose power as all the legislators from the region would pressurise the assembly speaker to accept their resignations.

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