India NO Terror Exporter : PM

Rubbishing Islamabad’s aspersions over Indian involvement in Balochistan, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday urged the Pakistani government and people to realize the harm the support of terror groups has brought to South Asia.

Premier Singh said the allegations described as “totally wrong” the allegations of Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik’s blaming India of arming militants in Balochistan.

“We are not in the business of exporting terrorism to Pakistan or any other country.”

“The people and government of Pakistan jolly well know that this is a false accusation,” he added.

The Prime Minister was addressing the media in the commercial capital of Mumbai, the venue of a Pak launched terror attack in November 2008.

“The government and people of Pakistan should realise the great harm that patronisation of terrorist groups has done to South Asia,” he said.

He said that the rising role of terrorist groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan was a matter of concern.

“We have to make adequate preparations to deal with the consequences of this overflow of terrorism from our neighbours to our country” and added that the government was taking all steps in the direction.

Singh’s comments come close on the heels of a suicide car bombing at the gates of the Indian embassy in Kabul on Thursday, the second in 15 months.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing which killed 17 people.

In a statement issued by Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao late on Saturday had warned of the danger posed to the international community by militants in Pakistan.

“The international community and indeed the people of Afghanistan face a clear and present danger from the perpetrators of such wanton acts of terrorism and their patrons residing across the border,” Rao said.

“The attack was clearly the handiwork of those who are desperate to undermine Indo-Afghan friendship,” she had said.

The statement was released following Rao’s visit to Kabul on Friday, where the top diplomat met several key Afghan leaders including President Hamid Karzai.

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